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Sooryavanshi Full Movie Review

Sooryavanshi Full Movie Review is our today’s topic. Sooryavanshi 2021 film Features Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn.


After one and a half years of multiple first looks trailers songs promotions and altered release dates the fourth installment of the Rohit Shetty cop universe Sooryavanshi.



I want to get one thing out of the way without seeming to come across as a kiss ass Rohit Shetty is a creator who is extremely successful probably having one of the best track records in the box office in the last decade having an odd but undeniable grasp of how to work with stars and understand what works with the masses his cinema is something that has the pitch of classic ManMohan Desai films and can be best described as our own desi michael bay people love to hate it it is quite over the top in its treatment but it always works out with the masses while police officers Singham and Simba were restricted in their respective localities in the form of Shivgarh and Miramar.


Sooryavanshi attempts at truly pointing out a national issue making it the biggest installment of the cop universe not only because of its scale but because all three characters feature in this film the movie portrays the functioning of an anti-terrorism squad and their attempts at curtailing an impending attack that is going to take place in Mumbai referencing the several attacks that the capital of Maharashtra has been marred with in its history there is an abundance of leftover RDX that is found hinting at the gruesome scale at which the terrorist attack is going to happen the film specifically also wants to reiterate how injustice and atrocities often lead to individuals taking up arms or joining the system to better its functioning the specific focus on the role of responsible Indians irrespective of their religion cast or creed i just want to also make clear that I'm going to be reviewing this film while knowing the pitch of it and who it is cater to it would be ignorant of me to judge it with the lens of cinema that is more subtle nuanced or understated because that is anyway not Rohit Shetty's target audience or intention is the film going to mark the return of commercial Bollywood that will cause mayhem at the box office are we finally receiving mass commercial cinema.


it here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to watch it in theaters or not the underwhelming aspects the trailer i have to say that the Sooryavanshi trailer still boggles my mind on how much it gave away through its first look i mean it is no joke that a 4 minute 15 second trailer is somewhat of an overkill this is anyway a tendency with commercial Bollwood cinema where there is an incessant need to over explain and indulge the viewer so much so that you are expecting every beat of the film when you are in the theater from the case at hand even the mass entries of Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn. We genuinely wish from next time Shetty keeps some of these prominent scenes away from the first look so that they can be left to be experienced in the theater that magic just hits different credit where credit is due you have to also realize that the storylines of Rohit Shetty's cop universe are not original in any way it's just that the director is a master at adapting these stories perfectly in the Hindi language and packaging it like a commercial potboiler the first income was a remake of the Tamil film starring Surya, Singham returns takes massive inspiration from the Malayalam film iklavian and simba was a remake of temper credit should be given to the original makers for providing the campus for a creator like Rohit Shetty to fly and prosper.


 I also have to say that the music of this film is quite a debatable topic while i was not a fan of the remake of naja there is a version of Tip Tip Barsa Pani that plays at the start of the second half of the film and it reminded me of the rage that Katrina and Akshay Kumar for all 90s kids you know we were all obsessed with that dance number Katrina looks absolutely breathtaking in this piece as well and it is something really to marvel at does it make sense from a storyline perspective not at all but let's get to that now female leads in Rohit Shetty films the common quotient in Rohit Shetty's corp universe is that the women are almost inconsequential there is nothing other than them playing second fiddle to the male leads to come in and out of songs and then disappear in the background.


I have to say that Katrina does really try in this film she has a convincing scene a snippet of which you saw in the trailer where she reprimands Akshay Kumar's character for putting their family at risk but it would be foolish for anyone to state that her role is of any more significance than just the romantic track that gives viewers a break from the case at hand she looks beautiful and dances extremely well but that's about it at least she has more of a personality than characters written for Sara Ali Khan, Kajal Agarwal and Kareena Kapoor but their existence is almost immaterial to the grand scheme of things in Rohit Shetty's corp universe.


Sooryavanshi Full Movie Review


The good creative choice of villain what i love about this film especially in the Rohit Shetty cop universe is that shetty took the creative route of showcasing a more realistic and convincing antagonist rather than the animated villain he is known of showcasing in his stories whether it be the hilarious performance of Prakash raj in the first Singham or the funny back and forth between simba and sonusu's character there was almost always an expectation of hilarious scenes between the hero and the villain in this case however the antagonists and their goals are paramount so the stakes actually become higher and more serious in this case something that i felt was refreshing compared to Rohit Shetty's previous films for the same actors like Jackie Shoff, Abhimanyu Singh Nikita really put forth great performances out of all of them.


However, I think Kumud Mishra stands out the most having the most emotional scene acted out perfectly by the legend as he is confronted by the anti-terrorism squad action sequences you can not in any way deny that it is so commendable to see an actor like Akshay Kumar who is 54 years old and to witness the agility and spring in his body language that is still so youthful you not only see the actor himself getting his hands dirty with little to no proof of body doubles being utilized he is riding the bikes he is jumping over rooftops doing parkour sequences it is him hanging onto a moving helicopter from that said bike you have to commend the physical capability of the actor and it is great to see on the big screen when the three actors share the screen space together Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgan are also given set pieces to beat up the bad guys and that followed by shetty's magnificent way of integrating the background score just makes it 10 times better there is one shot with no cuts with a knife with Ranveer Singh and a callback to all of Ajay Devgan's iconic action shots from Singham that makes the second half of this film all that commercial cinema is known for something that I'll get to later mass moments before i get to raving about shetty.


It does become hilarious when all three actors are together this is not in any way as was advertised through the trailer a three-actor-led film this is out and out an Akshay Kumar movie Rohit Shetty gets a lot of hate online for this kind of cinema but you can hate the player but you can't hate the game everything from the entries the action scenes the pitch is carefully designed for that theater experience and i have to say suryavanchi has several moments that can generate mass hysteria and theaters i still have to say that Akshay Kumar's entry could have been way more impactful without sounding like a hater it just reminded me of how good Hrithik's entry was in war but both Ranveer and Ajay Devgan's entry will definitely lead to a lot of cheering and hooting.


The film tries to bring in the forefront also the message of communal harmony and what India represents in the form of unity and diversity and this is especially enhanced through the song Hindustani which will definitely lead to a lot of clapping and cheering in theaters it's beautifully captured second half and the police universe the film goes absolutely bonkers in the second half and this is a compliment by the way it is both a combination of hilarious writing and the slick action sequences that represents everything that a commercial mass entertainer promises a viewer Ranveer Singh had said that he told him and have to say he is hilarious in the second half especially the scene shared between Devgan and Kumar of course it is over the top just to see they can tilt his shoulder to avoid a bazooka coming right in his way of course it is rather odd to see Katrina holding Akshay's hand while the police is in the line of fire but i have to say this really does deliver in everything it promised and more the excitement i saw as stepped out of the theater to see the other shows being house full makes me think that Bollywood box office is going to be back with this film and who better to start that journey than the combo of Akshay kumar and Rohit Shetty mass Bollywood masala is exactly what this film delivers.

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