Satyameva Jayate 2 Full Movie Review - John Abraham

Satyameva Jayate 2 Movie Review

Satyameva Jayate 2 Full Movie Review is our today’s topic. Satyameva Jayate 2 Movie Features John Abraham, Divya Khosla Kumar, Harsh Chhaya.




There are two types of categories when it comes to Bollywood directors that create intentionally over the top comedies the key word being intentionally the one successful and tolerable one includes creators like Farah khan and Rohit Shetty, these worlds provide an homage to vintage Hindi cinema and the other knows its action scenes are bizarre but provided with his brand of humor and adaptation skills of already proven products. It just hits the perfect spot for mass audiences then follows the other category that includes directors like Prabhu Deva and Milab Zaveri, where the treatment of the film ranges from being crass uncomfortable coupled with horrible writing and over the top to the point of completely disconnecting.


The story of Milab Zaveri films, especially in the last few years that have hidden under the guise of mass and an homage to creators like Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra are just getting irritating at this point, so much that the legendary directors themselves of the 80s would reject such gifts of movies as dedications to their craft where we saw John Abraham in 2018 take law and order into his own hands by killing corrupt police officers leading to a face-off between him and Manoj Bajpayee.


A heartbreaking origin story being unearthed we are back to the same kind of universe it's just that it takes action Desh-Bhakti and bizarre to a whole new level oh yeah just like most sequels in Bollywood this new film has nothing to do with the first installment Milab Zaveri was asked about the number of John Abraham, that exist in this universe and he said that if he had the chance he would have made every character be played by John Abraham so with satire too we are transported to the John Abraham multiversity a universe so complex that it will put any complicated narrative to shame the trailer seemed as tough to dissect as a Nolan trailer.


Satyameva Jayate 2 Story Explained


Satyameva Jayate 2 Story


I'll do you guys a favor and try to explain to you what it focuses on. Satya Azad played by John Abraham is a home minister who is attempting to pass an anti-corruption bill, However of course to no avail hilariously his wife played by Divya Khosla Kumar, who is a part of the opposition.


That methodically separates politics and her personal relationship in the sense that she opposes the bill in parliament but tells her that I love you at home when the politician realizes that the corruption will not end through democratic processes, he becomes a vigilante at night killing individuals that indulge in corrupt practices, while Anup Soni is initially hired to catch the man taking law and order into his own hands they need a chatan for a case like this and enters John Abraham twin brother Jai.


The process of catching the vigilante the dynamic between the brothers the question on whether the two brothers eventually have a clash with one another their origin story and the work done by their former father also played by John Abraham who worked against the corrupt systems of the country basically forms the nauseating and headache-inducing storyline of Satyameva Jayate 2.


Satyameva Jayate 2 Good and Bad aspects


Here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to watch the movie in theaters or not.


The good be Prague single and a few moments, there is only one beautiful song in this entire film.


The creators realized that this is the only song that really works for the film so it plays in several instances. it especially works when the father Satyameva Jayate 2 origin story is showcased and his protest and march towards the politicians establishment commences.


Beep rock honestly when it comes to heartbreak and any kind of national sentiment always hits it out of the park with his songs there are only a few fleeting moments of genuine emotion in this film where it actually seems like someone is trying a character played by Shaad Randhawa, who joins the anti-corruption movement has a scene portrayed beautifully as he helps a character get to a hospital.


One of the only scenes that may rile up some kind of emotion within the audience I have to say that I did not laugh at a single scene in this film, but the only clever moments include where there are self-aware meta references which include probably only two Anup Soni delivering his iconic dialogue


The performances of this film are super and well poor in every shape and form most of the cast is constantly shouting at the top of their lungs and there is nothing convincing about it if there is any motivation that this film may generate within you to watch it and go to the theater it is to look at the chiseled body of John Abraham and the dancing skills of Nora Fatehi.


It is commendable that John Abraham has still got it physically and he looks and possesses the brute strength required for this role


John Abraham will mysteriously seek for someone but as a stand-alone dance piece she has absolutely killed the underwhelming aspects chess thumping but uncreative dialogues I cannot further enunciate this but the dialogues of this film are cringe-worthy in its entirety they are simply bottom of the barrel rhyming lines or beach could should be an option convincing dialogues the politician john is giving a speech in parliament about the problem of corruption in the country and this leads to the entire assembly rumbling with applause Anup Soni is handed over the case and his first the worst of the lord probably being when the police officer john beating up a bad guy he holds the goons jewels and says zindagi bharar peaches he ends this scene by hoisting the national flag.


On his genitals by the way I also wondered about the dialogue that is being circulated the most that goes make so this is a penis reference right like it being compared to a taupe okay yeah you know I'm just clarifying the most uncreative line of the film has to go to john saying so you basically just said you chicken because you don't respect how creative too many themes in defense of the first film and why it was much more tolerable than this movie actually superior to the point where it's not even comparable goes to two reasons in my opinion number one is the existence of an actor like Manoj Bajpayee he makes a massi film also enjoyable. when you look at talented actors like Nawazuddin siddiqui and Prakash Raj.


In the first single these antagonists make the commercial pitch of the film somewhat enjoyable and number two was that the film primarily focused on corrupt practices within the police force hence it didn't scatter all over the place in covering several topics satime ii does not have a great rival as an antagonist and wants to talk about everything it wants to shed light on the lack of facilities in public hospitals the role of doctors the importance of communal harmony the massive inequalities of income in the country the sorry state of women with references to the gruesome cases of Nirbhaya.


It spreads itself too thin even from a storytelling point of view making you jump from one issue to the other with every character giving you gyan about Bharat Mata desh and his mitti beta the main theme of this film is if you can't change the system then take matters into your own hands and if someone opposes this bhakti lecture though the amount of patriotism that is force-fed in this film is alarming almost to the point of repeating the same thing again and again characters actually have a competition of who is more of a Desh but while threatening one another zindagi galatians vigilante John Abraham will come for you the red light be crossed beware of a John Abraham in a hoodie appearing at night to teach you a lesson over the top action when you threw sheer brute strength in the first installment tore up a tire I accepted when you banged on a table and like mosses in the red sea broke it in two perfect halves i accepted when you merely shouted and John Abraham were taken aback I accepted when you raised a motorcycle with a rider on it and threw

It will make you laugh rather than be invested in the Martha acting as i previously said everyone is shouting at the top of their lungs john attempts to be playful with his police role and a bit restrained with his political role but it just doesn't offer anything new or impressive John Abraham is a very bright man and have followed his career since the early 2000s. I have absolutely loved his choices I have thoroughly enjoyed his commercial stints with films like Paramanu, Madras cafe and Rocky handsome.


As these films possessed clever screenplays done with a sense of authenticity and realism this commercial trap of massey cringy cinema and to see John Abraham consistently do it just breaks our heart because it doesn't do anything other than rake in a good check and fair enough probably that is his only intention other than his physicality his performance is possible at best Divya Khosla Kumar is in yad piya ki ani lagi hai hangover mode she in almost every scene looks into the distance wide-eyed having this stoic demeanor that looks more wooden than emotive especially see her in the durga puja scene it's almost as if she never blinks having the same stern expression throughout the film's running minutes at one point of time John Abraham in this film pretends to be his brother to cover up for him during karachoth and he says a dialogue like babinekisi dede gohrpap gorpa dialogues. I never imagined John Abraham to ever say someone rightly pointed out that this film has developed a new genre of film and that can be termed as patriotic comedy.

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