House of Gucci Full Movie Review

House of Gucci Full Movie Review

House of Gucci Full Movie Review is our today’s topic. House of Gucci Movie Features Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino.



It's the second Ridley Scott movie of the year. First, we had The Last Duel and now we have House of Gucci.


When an outsider from humble beginnings marries into the Gucci family her unbridled ambition begins to unravel their legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal decadence revenge and ultimately murder this is based on true events. It stars Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino and Salma Hayek.


 I really enjoyed Lady Gaga in this movie. Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani a young woman who meets drivers Maurizio Gucci, at a party and I love how transparent she is to the audience with her true feelings you can see this light click on in the instant that she hears the name Gucci and we know instantly from there that she's going to pursue him with everything she's got gaga plays the greedy and manipulative character very convincingly but she's not always slimy or despicable there are a ton of moments where she is sympathetic and we feel for her almost forgetting how she got to her position we can't forget for too long because she's driven for success and gaga is able to play all of the sides very convincingly.


 I enjoyed watching Lady Gaga on the screen even if I didn't always like her character Adam Driver is wonderful I mean from the very start he's stammering uncertain and even timid but he's not a static character I love that we get to watch him transition to somebody who's determined and decisive even if he's very impulsive at times now something that I appreciated about Ridley Scott's last movie the last duel was that the actors didn't try to do accents because when accents aren't nailed they can become very distracting or even comical breaking us out of the experience of the story Scott didn't adhere to that same practice in this and so as a result the accents are uneven and wonky lady Gaga's fluctuates between convincing and laughable and the same goes for drivers he has a combo of Italian and German which does make sense for his character considering those were his parents heritage but it never fully landed on a solid accent wavering in between the two depending on the scene and then there's Jared Leto.


I don't know enough Italian people to know if his accent was legit but how it came across to me is the stereotypical way an American would portray an Italian speaker if it's accurate, I mean hey that's wonderful but otherwise I think it could be pretty insulting speaking of Jared Leto this dude was completely unrecognizable in his role I mean he fully disappeared into the role as driver's cousin Al Pacino's son and some of that is thanks to the makeup but even with that i knew it was him and I struggled the entire time to find the actor behind that makeup i loved his portrayal and how he crafted this hurt ignored and even discarded member of the Gucci family and there are so many times where i felt sorry for him despite his bravado because the way that he is treated is just heartbreaking now when we see Al Pacino he's basically just playing Al Pacino in this I mean I'm not saying he's bad by any measure but it just feels like i know exactly what we're going to get from him even before he appears on the screen there are a few moments where he's expressing some big emotions and out comes his signature bellowing which then made me chuckle because it felt a bit like it came straight out of scent of a woman.


House of Gucci Full Movie Review


This is based on true events but in this the timelines feel a little wonky and even a bit hard to follow I mean this is telling an account of real people so when events happen it was difficult to place them in this i got the sense that the movie compressed many years and then started the story later than the real one begins i mean it's not like this is a make or break it thing but it was odd and this is also noticeable because of the soundtrack now i love the song choices because a lot of them are nostalgic pop songs but their placement didn't totally fit in the timeline i mean take the wedding of Patricia and Mauricio in real life they're married in 1972 but in the film they have George Michael's faith playing in the wedding scene and that song came out in 1987.


I mean again it's not something that makes me storm out of the theater but it just points to how the timeline is shifted and even compressed despite this being based on real events this is a long movie at two hours and 37 minutes and there were portions that i felt the length and i think a lot of that has to do with the pacing itself the film spends a lot of time establishing the relationships and family dynamics which i totally appreciate especially as somebody who knew nothing about this family or the story i mean as you can tell I'm not really the most fashionable I'm good with my jeans and my flannels but i do know the prestige the Gucci brand has or at least had with all the development the narrative does a good job of detailing how decisions are made and some of the treachery that's involved in the inter-family dynamics but within this some things are rushed making a sequence's conflict come on faster than feels natural and then where it's probably most noticeable the last act of the story is incredibly fast with events we just see them happen without some of the supporting context that we had got in the first portion of the story and this just makes the ending feel very rushed and then we only get some postscript titles on the screen to give us a few final details on some of the characters now something that's more of a fun fact in this than anything else is that Salma Hayek stars in this as a television psychic who Patricia befriends and then later schemes with now at some point and it's depicted in the film the Gucci company needs some financial assistance so an investor group is brought in real life.


Salma Hayek is married to the Ceo of the investment firm that now owns Gucci. I mean among some other properties so when I left the theater, I had enjoyed what I watched but it wasn't an overwhelming feeling of excitement I mean the performances are very good despite the accents fluctuating in their consistency gaga driver and Al Pacino are fun to watch on the screen but the standout for me is Jared Leto and the story is pretty compelling but the way the film is paced does work against it making the time very noticeable as someone who knew nothing of the family or this story it was really informative even if it's dramatized and not wholly accurate on the whole i was entertained but this isn't going to be something that I'm going to revisit.

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